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Student Expulsion Reasons made by the Vice Principle: 1. Close to failing grades 2. Bad influence towards her peers 3. Attitude problem My parents recieved a phone call from the vice principle this afternoon saying that they "withdrew" me from the school. Although I recieved poor grades this year I did improve a lot throughout the year. My dad agreed to the vice principle that I should be kicked out because, "I deserve it and I need to learn it the hard way or I'll make the same mistake again in the near future." Which is true but this is my future...It all happened when I failed Math 10 and had to repeat it, but because I failed I wasn't allowed to take math for half a year causing me to fall behind all my classmates. Then our school changed into the Alberta curriculum so the half year math courses are extended to a full year. I'm still taking math 10 while all my classmates are studying calculus. The only valid reason to kick me out is if I failed a subject reapeatedly, but I did not. My friend told me that there have been cases of student petitions to keep a student from expulsion. Thats why I'm trying this. If you want to help me please leave your name and say a few good things about me. I know this may seem stupid and immature to some of you but I really need this. Thankyou.


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    Mrs Hui ass, Hong Kong

    7 years ago Comments: Fuck.u mrs.hui.
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    Paul Tang, Hong Kong

    7 years ago Comments: Everyone has his/her own strenghts 1. She is very good at organzing parties, functions and different types of gathering 2. Her patience towards pressure from subjects, friends and family is admirable 3. She is a good listener School is a minizied version of socitey; different people contribute differently and significantly. Getting an excellent academic results in a certain ways is important, however, the development of personal strength is very important too. A good school should provide an environment for students to develope thier knowledge, abilities and characters. Students having variable proficiencies can cope with teachers and students so that when they grow up, they can adapt the tough life of society quickly. Therefore, I can conclude that CAIS is a good school. I believe that parents can influence their children greatly. Having parents who do not care about you, how would you feel Having parents who always scream at you, what should you do To my understanding, Liz definitely needs the love and support from her parents. Its happy and nice to know Liz. I believe that Liz has hidden potential that can be developed. Everyone has ups and downs. I can see that she is paying effort. I believe that this is good to her and the society, if the school can give her a chance. In order to survive in present community, a Bachelor degree is always the least requirement. If she cannot graduate from high school, how would she be able to get into any University and become a better person and live a better life
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    Chantelle K, Hong Kong

    7 years ago Comments: everyone makes mistakes, but Liz made so many improvements this year! okay, so she's made bad decisions in the past, but she's trying to change that part of her, so why is the school trying to make all her hard work this year go to waste "close to failing grades" is not a reason to expel someone from school. I mean, everyone has been "close to failing" at least one time in their life, so why should Liz be penalized for the fact that her failing is in school, but when others fail outside of school, they're not reprimanded. Secondly, Liz isn't a bad influence to the class of 2009, or any class in CAIS for that matter. What has she done in the past to make everyone do something bad It's not like there was a revolt at CAIS or anything. Finally, CAIS is a Christian school, where we are taught everyday to respect people, and to be the good Samaritan for those in need. This time, it's Liz who needs to help, so we need to help her graduate from CAIS. In Col. 3:12-13 it says "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you". CAIS wouldn't be practicing what it was preaching if it didn't help Liz to continue in CAIS until she graduates. Her dad has given up on her, do you think it's right for the school that she's attended for almost 11 years to expel just before she has to chance to achieve what she's worked so hard for
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