This is a petition to change the laws regarding automotive tint in California. I believe the current law is too restrictive and only helps the CHP gain revenue. There is no valid point against front driver/passenger window tint with a light transmission of 35% or more. Some parts of California can see temps in excess of 110 degrees during the summer. Front (driver/passenger) window film (35% to clear) offers protection from heat and UV not only to the occupants of the vehicle, but also to the vehicle interior. The only -very- thin argument against front window film is officer saftey. While that should be considered, that fact is that window film with light transmission of 35% or more allows the officer to see into the vehicle. Furthermore, I hate to sound harsh, but Police/CHP officers knew the risks of the job when they took it. Why should we(the public) have to pay for their (the officers) insecurity. If you don\'t feel safe, find another job. Please help me end this law that does nothing but tie up Police/CHP resources that could be used to stop REAL CRIMES. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback at


This petition is sponsored by ME. I am sick of money/time wasting laws that do nothing but tie up resources and cost law abiding citizens money.


  • tom How many signature do we need in order to get this to be an initiative for Californians to vote on?

  • Robert Ring I completely agree. I also think that the tint laws are outrageous in CA and should be changed. 35% is a good compromise. It is terribly hot in the LA summers and 35% tint really helps with that! I see it as a health benefit. :)

  • Michael Bennett I agree they should change this 35 % it isn't that dark. U can clearly see through a 35 % tint . I think they just don't want to have to deal with figuring out how dark the window is. (I agree )

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