Butts Off Mauis Beaches

Maui’s coastline and marine life continue to face alarming destruction from the careless littering of cigarette butts on our prized beaches; especially since the 2006 statewide indoor smoking ban brought smokers out of the restaurants and onto our once pristine beaches. Please help us in saving our exclusive beaches and precious marine creatures that continue to suffer from this growing problem. Please sign our online petition so that we can pass legislation to end this threat to our beaches.


Since 2006, Hawaii’s indoor smoking ban has stopped people from smoking in restaurants where others could be harmed from secondhand smoke. But inadvertently, the law has hurt our beaches with smokers escaping beach-side restaurants to light up on the sand. All too often, absentminded smokers who don’t know the consequences of these actions will discard their butts on the sand. But even the smallest butt on the sand can cause detrimental effects to Maui’s marine life. We created BOMB, Butts off Maui's Beaches, because as regular beachgoers we’re concerned about the alarming problem posed by cigarette butts. Besides humans not appreciating it, marine animals and the beaches don't, either. When a cigarette butt is floating out in the water, a turtle can mistake it for food and eat it, which causes asphyxiation. The cigarette butts threaten coral reefs and other animals, too. Littering is unfair to the environment; marine animals shouldn't have to suffer from human's careless actions. We want to make a law that bans smoking on Maui's beaches- the less litter there is, the more beautiful they remain


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    JuliAnn, United States

    3 years ago Comments: i totaly believe in this! adn i dont belive in smoking on the beaches because imagine how manny little kids and babys are getting secnd hand smoke in to thier lungs! second hand smoke is almots just as bad.
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    Marvin Leaptrott, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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    Nelta Leaptrott, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Not only should the marine life be protected, children and adults should be able to enjoy the beaches and parks without the health risk of second hand smoke.
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