Bungie, please do something about quitters in Halo 2 and 3

We have a vocie and we want to be heard! People who repeatedly quit in the middle of a game are ruining the experience for everyone else. You have the power to stop this practice and we want you to do something about it! People quit games for a number of inappropriate reasons: they don\'t like the gametype or map, they are losing the match, or they want to give the players that beat them the blue screen right at the end of the game. Quitting also skews your rank. Chances are that if someone legitimately needs to quit a game, they won\'t be inconvenienced by the deterrents that should be set in place. There are many solutions, and anything would be a step in the right direction. Some examples are: 1. Creating a temporary ban system so that when a person quits a game, they cannot play for a certain time period (30mins) and if they continue to quit the bans get longer. 2. Create a \"quit rank\" or use the Rep system on the 360 so that quitters are matched with other quitters and the rest of us can play sporting games. 3. Remove the \"leave game\" option in Halo 2 as a deterrent to quitting. People would be less likely to quit if they had to reset their xbox, and anyone with a legitimate reason to quit wouldn\'t mind the inconvenience. ***What can you do at this point Leave Feedback! also, please link to this petition in your forum sig so we can get the word out!***


Anyone who wants an honest, sporting match.




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    noob, United States

    7 years ago Comments: when ur playin doubles and ur teammate quits u should get a handicap or something to give u a chance
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    Jose Zuniga, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Quitters need to be punished, game after objective game is lost because of the arseholes and the get off scott free to play another game whilst the poor people left in the game have to get their face beat in because THEY DONT QUIT. ADDRESS THIS BUNGIE
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    ur a faggot nigger, United States

    7 years ago Comments: this is so gay
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