Do Not Euthanize the Pitbulls

We are asking you to reconsider your recent decision to euthanize all pit bulls at the Cedar Creek Lake Humane Society, starting March 1. While we understand that overpopulation is becoming a serious problem among animal rescue facilities, please do not resort to euthanizing an entire breed to solve it. Euthanizing these dogs is unjust and inhumane. Furthermore, this decision will help fuel the public misconception that once these dogs have been exposed to dog fighting, they can never again be domesticated. By saving an animal\'s life, you give that animal a chance to save a human\'s life. Please do not persecute these animals for human actions. Please do not follow through with this ruling.




  • vicki macreno I am signing this because I am a voice for the innocent,victims that can not speak for them selves, the innocent that pays the price with there life in the wrong hands of a human. this breed is special in so many ways, they are lovers not fighters, they pay the price with the wrong owners, they are judged in every way, they need a second chance at life, with a great home, people just instantly think all pitbulls are bad, they aren't. they don't want to fight with another dog. I believe a dog aggression pitbull that has been in dog fights with scars on them can be around another animal if the right human takes the time to work with the pitbull. rehabilitate the animal and train the human. this breed needs people to be there voice, they are crying for help. they endure so much abuse and neglect. stop euthanizing them because of what a human has forced them in to doing for the human entertainment, these babies need to be worked with. they can be taught the right way. they pay there life in the worng hands of a human, then in the shelters, to make more room for another animal in need, this breed can do good. educate society and show them how wonderful these babies are, they are all lover s not fighters it's what the human does not the dog.i feel so heart broken on this breed. they need a chance in life. the same chance as other breeds of dogs. save there lives, i only believe in euthanizing a dog or cat if it's absolutley necessary lmedically. not to make room for another, or oh this dog has been in a dog fight it is dangerous to society, NO. now if a animal is in so much pain that it is the best thing to do for the animal to not have to suffer. save this breed stand up for this breed be a voice for this breed. they are wonderful lovers. they will please there owner, they want to be loved they want to be in a home with loving parents. in a warm bed with toy's and food,socializing them on walks with a leash. same as for other breeds. think about it a rescued pitbull is capable of saving a humans life as well. pitbulls can be a service to us humans they heal humans. they are a companion. there is so much potential for this breed, save them don't euthanize them, respect them, you can see the life they lived by looking into there eyes there body language, there scared all the time. because the life they lived. help them. don't euthanize them. i will continue to be a voice for them.

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