Build the V&A at Dundee on the River Tay and not inland


There are to be dramatic changes to the plans for the V&A at Dundee and the proposed new site for the building is to be moved inland, on the space where the current Olympia swimming pool stands. This will destroy the bold, dynamic and confident presence in the River Tay that the building should have - and the reason why so many people voted it the best design in the short-list - pictured above. The people of Dundee were involved in the decision and this design was the choice for the majority who voted in this process. While it is understood that there are major economic concerns involved in undertaking such a large project, this short term gain and long term loss strategy has haunted the city for far too long. Mediocrity (at best) has been allowed to prevail in the architecture built by the City 'fathers', and time and time again Dundee - and its people - have been sold short. (Below: The amended plan - the land-locked V&A)

Those behind the proposed changes claim that it will not affect the building itself. This is a real worry. If they are driving the project forward without understanding that the whole drama and focus of the building is the location then what other aspects of the project will they cast aside?


Let's stop this proposed change to the V&A Dundee plan - it is not just about retaining the beauty of the design: It is about having confidence in the City we live in and how we project ourselves to others; It is about having imagination about how we engage with our City. And finally it is about having a say and being heard.

Full details of plans and reports can be found here:



"Seriously disappointed about not sticking to original design location as voted for by Dundee's people. It was so unique. We owe such forward thinking to our children and grand children not another cut back because of the current economic climate. DON'T BETRAY US!!!!!" ''Don't sell yourself short Dundee. This needs to be an iconic landmark forever, and moving it inland won't achieve this.'' 'I don't want a compromise. If Design Dundee limited don't think that this is a compromise and represents and exciting alternative then perhaps the wrong people are driving this project. Surely getting it right is more important then delivering on time. I am also sure that the billion pound waterfront project could be stretched to accommodate what, together with Discovery, should be the focal point of the waterfront Why are the project board being so dismissive of the agreed plan. What are we not being told? Does anyone know? ' 'Build the V&A at Dundee on the River Tay and not inland and put Dundee firmly on the art and culture map.'' 'The irony of diminishing the design of the V&A Dundee — a building with the function of showcasing design — will make Dundee a laughing stock.''


Full details of plans and reports can be found here:

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    margaret sheridan, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: This not what we signed up for. I would rather wait and it be done properly. The design was won on the basis it was over the river.....this is not what was voted in. There needs to be a re vote in my opinion as if not the people are not deciding.
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    Irene Morrison, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: Let the people of Dundee have the building they voted for!!
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    Struan Bradbury, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: The V&A Building is getting a substandard design change to save money. Why not focus on the V&A and build it to the original design. I find it infuriating and disappointing that they are changing the build of the V&A and moving it inland to save £££. The whole point of people voting for it was because it was spectacularly floating on the water! It is a shame on the other Architect designers who lost out - we picked the winning design based on the fact it floats on water - like a ship. We should be allowed to re-choose the design
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