Pres. Bruce and The Struggle for Representation

To the Chairperson of CUSA Constitutional Board, We, students of Carleton University and paying members of Carleton University Student's Association believe we are being denied fair chance to show support for the voted President for the coming May executive term. Bruce Kyereh-Addo's Constitutional Board hearing, a serious issue for student's as our voices and votes are being denied in the name of an admittedly faulty constitution and process, has been set to take place in the lounge of another organization on campus. This small space, the Graduate Student's Association Lounge can regularly fit around 35 people, but with a Constitutional Board set-up, that number will be reduced to around 15-20, both which are grossly underestimated for a CUSA Presidential candidate that received 1744 votes from current Carleton students. Democracy must be ensured in the CUSA Elections processes regardless of the amount of importance one may believe student government carries. The progressive operation of CUSA and its respect for student opinion, voice, and documented choice is imperative to our success as a student body in UNITY. The effects of Carleton University Student's Association reach far past Carleton's walls. When we make our way home after class, we are still Carleton students and paying CUSA members. The effects within our school's walls impact our lives on the outside from the way we are viewed to the assurance that our student union is efficient in the event that we need. We aim to be active members but the CUSA arms don't seem to reach far enough. We want to be active at the Constitutional Board Hearing and represent what we know as truth and again, the arms don't seem to reach far enough. We, CUSA members and students of Carleton University, ask you and your associates with power in the matter to ensure proper representation is allowed access to this hearing. Many of us were denied entry to the Shinerama related proceedings and we are concerned this will occur again. Please consider a move to a reasonable location, so we the students can provide reasonable representation. Sincerely, Concerned Carleton University Student's Association Members


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    Steeves Volmar Cherenfant, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: Hello, there. My name is Steeves Volmar Cherenfant. A newcomer to Carleton University. I'm Haitian-American, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. I transferred from Bay State College to Carleton University recently. I was shocked to discover that prejudice is alive and well in today's world. What happened to Bruce during the election for student body president is appalling. Wow. Makes me thankful that I lived in Obama's America. Our Canadian neighbors aren't as advanced or as friendly as they'd like us 'yanks' to believe. I hope and pray the Powers That Be which denied this young man his rightful opportunity aren't representative of the heart of the Canadian people. Shame.
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    Cameron MacQuarrie, United States

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Elise Durand, Canada

    6 years ago
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