We want FIOS in Brookhaven, NY!

The town of Brookhaven's legislators have been pushing off Verizon from expanding it's FIOS service into Brookhaven for some time now. They have stated that the Fiber-optic wire they are using to run their service could carry an electrical jolt that could be harmful. This statement makes no sense, fiberglass is not a conductive material. Any object with enough amperage (ex. a lightning bolt) could let an electrical surge move along it especially when wet. Cablevision's wiring has a copper center which is much more conductive. What does this all mean? ... We are getting the run around again because Cablevision being the political power house that it is in this area, fear some free capitalistic competition and our politicians that run the town of Brookhaven are more than happy to help! We have seen Cablevision throw their political weight around before, when a large stadium was to be built on the island possibly letting the Olympics and some our favorite sports teams come here. Cablevision having owning the next nearest large stadium threw their financial and political weight around and got that idea shut down!

This petition you will be signing is not to state that you want FIOS in your home but that you simply want Verizon to be aloud to openly and fairly conduct business in Brookhaven. This in turn will force Cablevision to actually care about long Islanders more due to them finally having real and present competition and when they are no longer a monopoly on the island maybe their tight grip of control will weaken!

By Signing this petition you are telling the Brookhaven Legislators that you want Verizon FIOS to be aloud full access to Brookhaven under the threat of possibly not re-voting in the current members of the Town Board of Brookhaven!


Broadband Deceptions!

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Cablevision customers can't get all xbox live features!


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    Thomas iannotti

    19 hours ago Comments (Not Required): -
    Reason for agreeing? (Not Required): I truely belive in fair and open capitalism and want Cablevision to lose it's strangle hold over Brookhaven.
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    5 days ago Comments (Not Required): good luck brookhaeven is in bed with the cable vision!!
    Reason for agreeing? (Not Required): I just want some options finnally for my Multi-Media Service Provider.
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    chris tschinkel

    2 weeks ago Comments (Not Required): I want a choice. tired of all my relatives and friends that live in other towns paying almost half what I pay for multi media service.!! cable vision don't even want to deal with they tell you your already getting a deal and basically "too bad"
    Reason for agreeing? (Not Required): I truely belive in fair and open capitalism and want Cablevision to lose it's strangle hold over Brookhaven.
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