British Goods are being discriminated aginst by Canada Customs

We own a Celtic shoppe here in Windsor Ont. and we import goods from Great Britain and Ireland. In mi-Feb our goods were seized in Toronto by Canada Customs and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Their reasoning is non-French labelling on the goods. This petition is charging them with un-fair bi-lingual labelling practices. We have dicovered by our own investigation here in Windsor, that other ethnic groups who import goods from their home countries are being allowed to bring goods in withou either English or French labelling. This is pure discrimination against British products! We have started an in-store petition as well as the local pubs and have sent it off to other shoppes and pubs of our nature throughout Ontario. We have received fantastic results so far and we would like to have as many Brits help us in this venture as we can get! If we do not stop this, we simply will not be able to import goods from home without plenty of grief! Our local medis has been involved and it has hit the local newspapers and our fellow Brits have responded with great anger! Please help us in this cause, if the laws of the land are bi-lingual labelling, thne make it so for EVERY ETHNIC importer, not just British goods!!! Pleas sign the petition wherever you see it in Ontario and call your local MPP. Weare asking ALL Brits to stand fast with us and show this Government this will not be tolerated!!! This is DISCRIMINATION!!!!! Please help!!!


Kathleens Celtic Konnection Morgan Williams Imports, Favorite British Foods, Kildare House, Cramdons Tap& Eatery Glasgow Central Pub&Grub, Trafalger Imports, The Scottish Society of Windsor, Canadian Anglo Club, Murphy\'s Irish Pub, Patrick O\'Ryans Irish Pub, Irish Culteral Society of Windsor, Butcher & Banker Pub, Cape Breton Club of Windsor. This is a list of backers here in Windsor. Our petition is being sent to pubs restaurants and shoppes in London, Sarnia, Mississauga, Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Chatham and wherever a Britsh or Irish style pub, shoppe or reataurant exists in Ontario. So far the British consulate in Ottawa, looks at it as, \"if it is law it is law\" so obviously, they are not intereste in helping out, so we must try ourselves!


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    Alik, Iran, Islamic Republic of

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    Comments: As for the stfu why stupid ppoele write that on the internet? I mean are you devoided of braincells? When did ppoele shutup when other ppoele tells them to? When? Are you branded with some kind of magical power that will make ppoele stop talking when actually we ALL fought for the freedom of talking? Are you so afraid of ppoele not agreeing with you that you would prefer them silenced for that horrible crime of not agreeing? I mean what the hell!
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    Bianca, United States

    2 years ago State: Louisiana
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    Comments: Yes it definitely shloud be. This is a issue I always have great concern when people in Caribbean like in Trinidad and Tobago where I live that they what to more to the Green Economy etc. They never think about the carrying capacity issue. For example on the Eastern side of Trinidad hundreds of leatherback turtles nest every year and there is a community group that has been very successful in managing and protection the beach around nesting they will charge people to come and see the turtles nesting. It has become such big thing I am concerned about the compaction on the nests which will affect the baby turtles in may different ways. Anyways carrying capacity is something that is very important and now with a global population at 7billion its more necessary than ever.
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    Sieyla, France

    3 years ago State: Indiana
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    Comments: , no, thank YOU. Because you get it . Because you didn't force us to swoon backwards in rigid poses and beuscae you just get what it's all about. That is why we love you.That, and your general awesomeness in general, being a great friend, having an awesome jacqui and the best little two redheads ever.
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