Clean Up the Brisbane Baylands

We understand that the Baylands approval process is under the City Council's control, and request that the Brisbane City Council promise to approve a Baylands cleanup and development plan by the end of 2014. We believe our responsibility to the environment means that cleanup and sustainable development of the land cannot be delayed any further. Sustainable development will provide much-needed services to the citizens of Brisbane, and tax revenue not only to city government, but to our school districts as well.


Michael Barnes, Concerned Citizen and Environmentalist


City of Brisbane - Baylands Information Pages:


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    Virginia Porter, United States

    1 year ago City: Brisbane
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    juanita yee, United States

    2 years ago City: brisbane
    Comments: Dear Council Members, I have signed the petition for you elected official to ge a move on with developing the Baylands. I belive that it is your responsibility to cleanup and develope the much-needed services to the citizens of Brisbane. I know there is a lot of talk about we don`t want big box stores in the Baylands. But here is what I think South San Francisco has 2 Costco in their community. Do you know that amount of tax revenues those 2 stores provides So S.F.. It is enought for them to pay for their police department, and the swat program. Also it pays for the fire department and other city services that the citizens of South City expect and get from their city council. It is time to start provide for our community and our schools. We elected you to make those hard decissions on our be half and I expect you to do your job. Election is coming up soon It's time for you elected official show us why we elected you. Get off your back side and get this project moving in the right direction!!!!!
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    Danielle Gallant, United States

    2 years ago City: Brisbane
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