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Remember Coke The original site that started it all. It opened the doors to an online virtual world of music, fun, games, and friends. The virtual world had real places you could visit all over the world. These places had things to do, a lot of people to talk to, and most of all great venues for performing your own custom made music. The world had its own CD mixer and you could make your own music and share it with the world. These mixes were made in your own personal studio/room where you could collect furni and hangout, throw parties, play games, or just have a place for people to perform in a smaller more comfortable environment. Along with all of this fun stuff there was the games you could play. Quiz games, sports games, roller coaster games, etc. Through these games you earned decibels, the currency was known as decibels. You could earn decibels with drinking cyber cokes or coke products, perform and earn decibels for positive votes, put in cap codes from real coca cola products or through, and you could do surveys for decibels. Best of all all of the decibels and furni were FREE. This game was the best there ever was in online gaming communities. You cannot beat this game. By updating the graphics with expanding with an already unwanted other virtual world known as There and think your troubles are over. No we are here to fight just that. We are here to show Coca Cola we are not cool with There decision and show them that we both loved and love the old Coke Studios. We want that community back. Did you know that most people out there do not want to play There. If they wanted to they would have joined up seperatly. Its not the same and not as fun as Coke Studios was and hopefully will be again one day. Lets stand united on this and show Coca Cola that they had something truly great.


  • Anonymous Teenage memories!

  • cici Bring it back! I miss my childhood. LOL.

  • Blake S I've been following cokestudios since it's swap to "CC Metro". There have been a few attempts to recreate cokestudios or "cokemusic", but nobody has completely succeeded yet. A user known as "Amy" had a full server running mid last year on which allowed you to create an account, customize your character, enter the public rooms, and chat. It was only online for a few days but there were dozens of users already starting to play. She took down the server saying she was going to do more work, but the server never went back online. The URL is now not even active, and it looks like we're back at square one. Ideally Coca-Cola would just restore the game and bring this community back, but being over 7 years since the day it switched to CC Metro I don't see them taking any steps to revive the best game that ever was. The files and old code for the game are now floating around the internet just waiting for someone to bring it back, but nobody seems to be up to the task. It's a real shame.

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    2 weeks ago Comments: Bring it back! I miss my childhood. LOL.
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    Blake S

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    2 months ago Comments: Even if somebody gets the files to make a coke studios retro with the original content V-ego San and games like that i'll be happy!
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