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49er fans and FAITFUL!!! This is our chance to make our voices heard. This past sunday, Oct. 31st 2005, our beloved 49ers wore the classic red and gold throwbacks from the 1980s. The jersey\'s glowed in the sun and filled each and every Niner fan with nostalgia for days past. So many great players played in the old red and gold, from Y.A. Tittle to John Brodie to Joe Montana to Steve Young. So many franchise defining moments were made wearing those very colors--The Catch, Joe Montana\'s heroic (hey there\'s John Candy) drive in Super Bowl XXIII, our first 4 superbowl victories. The throwbacks are OUR uniforms, and are a symbol of dominance league wide. Teams who come into The Stick and see the red and gold glistening in the sun will remember the greats of years past and already be at a disadvantage. So, fellow 49er Faithful, I ask you to: BRING BACK THE THROWBACKS!!!!


Dear Dr. York, On Sunday, October 30th the San Francisco 49ers wore their throwback jerseys worn from 1964-1995. Fan support for these jerseys has been extremely positve in various forums, specifically on the offical 49ers message boards. So many fans truly love these \'throwback\' jerseys as they remind them of so many great players and moments from our years atop the NFL in the 1980s. The message board community as a whole unamisouly supports reverting back to the color scheme used during the 1980s as our primary uniforms. An annual \"Red Fog Day\" in which we would wear the 1980s era throwback jerseys would be optimal, if you do not see the proposed switch as good for the teams financial status. Thank you for your time, The 49er Fatiful.

Links --The Offical Message Boards of the San Francisco 49ers. A site with over 130 decdicated 49er faithful who love our team and its players. A great place to talk football, sports, entertainment, or whatever is on your mind!


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    James Bowie, United States

    5 years ago State: New York
    Country: United States
    Comments: Born a New Yorker, I became a 49er fan in 1968 when the rest of my friends were Giants and Cowboy fans. Loved the uniforms, and my first, and still my favorite football hero was John Brodie. After 42 years of being a diehard fan, I'm making my first trip to San Francisco to see a game this October for my 50th birthday. I've seen them many times in NY, Mass, and PA, but never at Candlestick surrounded by "my people". What could possibly be better than wearing a John Brodie jersey to this game? Nothing could! I would pay any price.
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    Tom Roberts, United States

    5 years ago State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States
    Comments: I have been waiting many years for the opportunity to be able to buy an authentic John Brodie throwback jersey. It's not bad enough he has not been elected into the NFL HoF, but he should have the honor of having his name on the back of a jersey again.
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    Tyce Palmer, United States

    5 years ago State: Utah
    Country: United States
    Comments: The old jersys and uniforms from the 80s are champion 49er glory year uniforms. They should still be worn. Look how classy those damn cowboys are with their original uniforms. The old 49er/Joe Montana look is the look of champions. Maybe the 49ers could have another dynasty like they did in the 80s with those wonderful original uniforms!!
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