Bring back Original Jolt Cola !

Bring back Original Jolt Cola! "All the sugar and twice the caffeine." Not anymore. The Battery cans(2005) of new jolt uses corn syrup. They even changed the logo. Original Jolt Cola had a nice taste, and it was the best in a can. I have great memories of Original Jolt Cola, and I remember my room being full of empty bottles. Cherry and the other flavors(see article on Jolt Cola) were good, but original was the best because it was what i remembered. It was a unique cola, and it had a bold taste. Jolt Espresso was great too, but this petition is for the cola. What was wrong with it According to "The German and Swedish supplier uses the old logos, branding and formulation, and only sells the original flavor." I can not find Original Jolt Cola in Canada, and haven't seen the cans since 1998. "Jolt remains available in Canada in standard 12-ounce (355 mL) cans, sporting the traditional logo and the new 23.5-ounce (700 mL) "battery bottles"" Standard 355ml cans Is that original.. does anyone know where to get Original Jolt Cola Try eBay for old cans/bottles. "Jolt Cola: The soft drink of the elite hacker."


  • Brian Henry Bring this back!!! Better than any cola out there! We miss it!

  • ben Bring back the good stuff

  • Brent Bennett Since 1985, Jolt Cola is the original energy soda. Keep it around to remind new generations what a real energy boost tastes like!

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