As the title suggests myself and many others I've seen and spoken to on Twitter and across forums are disgruntled that David Harmon has not been re-employed after a serious bout of mental illness.

David Harmon has been key in bringing many people to the sport and more importantly keeping them there. For me, he was the inspiration behind taking up road cycling and whether you are a rider or an armchair fan he has provided the soundtrack to many of our TV cycling memories.

I have stopped watching nearly as much cycling as I used to because it's just not as exciting and informed without him.

This is not an attack on the other commentators, but my opinion is that Harmon was the best cycling commentator going who was cast aside after at least a decade of loyal service. I don't recall him working for anyone else in that time.

If you would like to try and get DH back on the airwaves then please sign away.

The aim is to get like-minded people to sign and I will then take this to the relevant people who can make this sort of decision.

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    4 months ago Comments: Just Never been the same without him !
    LOCATION: United Kingdom
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    James Bonner

    5 months ago Comments: Sorely missed, astounding he is passed over while an unnamed commentator still gets it wrong!
    LOCATION: United Kingdom
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    6 months ago Comments: -
    LOCATION: Ireland
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