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    Nils, France

    2 years ago State: New Hampshire
    Country: Wallis And Futuna
    Comments: Dave Wendt: June 4, 2010 at 12:04 amFrom some of the replies I’ve gteton, I’m not sure I’ve been entirely clear what I’m asking about. The map in question is on this page from AVISO below the graph of MSL The phenomenon I’m enquiring about occurs in bands at lat 30-50 in both northern and southern hemispheres, the largest running from the Horn of Africa to south of Australia. In the North it’s evident east of Japan and in the north Atlantic. It may be an artifact of some flaw in the satellite system, which would probably be my Occam’s razor choice if pushed.The map shows clearly what you were referring to, and to me it looks very much like a two-dimensional standing wave pattern in those bands, but I cannot think of any physical process that could cause such a pattern to be a static feature for 17 years. The Southern band, in particular, could easily be described as up, down, up, down, up, down, by a centimeter or less, all the way around the planet, giving an overall average that would tend towards zero.I did note that all of the changes they are dealing with are very small (a few millimeters per year), but these are the outcome of a lot of averaging, detrending, and other numerical steps involving the differences between very large values that fluctuate enormously (by meters and 10 s of meters) from moment to moment and day to day, and are being measured by satellites that don't have a resolution any better than several centimeters at best.If I had a gun to my head and had to make a good guess or die, I'd say that it all means nothing, and is simply a spurious artifact of too much data processing, and paying too much attention to tiny bits of residual noise, much like our catastrophic' temperature trend of 0.007b0C per year./dr.bill
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    Jignesh, Netherlands

    2 years ago State: Nevada
    Country: Seychelles
    Comments: Exciting holidays with my best frneid?Me and my best frneid want to go on a holiday soon and we need some ideas where to go. We thought maybe something exciting like las vegas, paris, england, italy, sydney etc. We need way more ideas. Maybe something with beautiful beaches like hawaii.
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    Bright, France

    3 years ago State: Tennessee
    Country: Iceland
    Comments: I have been to most of the places you mnetion but not alone. I have met twice ladies travelling by themselves they seemed wise ladies. i'm sure you will be fine just stick with the tourists and stay at hotels any of the hotels on Denarau island fiji are nice . Just like anywhere in the world one doesn't put themselves in vulnerable places
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