Bring Clydesdales To Howrse!

This is a cyber petition to bring Clydesdales to howrse! It is understood that this breed will be very different from the other breeds; that it will have to have special attributes and it's skills would be unlike any other breed on howrse (due to the fact that it is a draft breed).

Bringing this breed to howrse would change the game forever-for the better good!

It is also understood that the amount of effort howrse would have to put into bringing this breed into the game is enormous. Huge amounts of coding would be required. However, despite this, we believe that us, the players, deserve the effort. Yes, draft breeds are on Rivenwood's list of 'Not Happenings,' but a virtual horse game just is not 'virtual' without draft breeds.
The Clydesdale is a much loved and desired breed, as proved by the thousands of 'Bring Clydesdales to Howrse' ideas posted in the forums every week. Surely howrse values us enough to go to just that little extra effort?

The Clydesdale is a majestic and powerful breed, and it deserves to be recognized for this.

Bring Clydesdales to Howrse!!



  • GINGER13 I would love to see Clydesdales on howrse

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    Meg , United States

    7 months ago Comments: -
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    GINGER13 , United States

    9 months ago Comments: I would love to see Clydesdales on howrse
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    Kataron, United States

    11 months ago Comments: I think they should add a couple draft breeds, not just the Clydesdale, but this is a great way to begin!
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