My brother , Sacha Bond D.O.B 08-30-1984 has been TOLD by the Canadian Government that he is No Longer Eligible to be transferred back to Canada with an International Transfer of Offenders Request , this was his 4th request to be Transferred back to his own country (Canada, Ottawa, Ontario) in 10 years while incarcerated in Florida (Jan.30, 2004). Sacha has now been abandoned by his own Country and doomed to another 10 years in one of Florida's worst prisons, DADE Correctional Institution . Canada does not care that my brother will be spending another 10 years away from his family and will have spent More Than Half his Life Behind Bars Without Any Rehabilitation.

Sacha was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 18 and has not received any help whatsoever wether it be Medical or Mental for his condition. At the time of his arrest he was off of his medication . When the Jury deliberated during Sacha's trial, they came back 3 time asking to please give them an explanation of the meaning of Bipolar Disorder. The Jury convicted Sacha without understanding his mental condition AND SENTENCED HIM TO 20 YEARS IN A FLORIDA PRISON.

watch a short video about Sacha's case

watch a short film done by Eric Bond about his brother Sacha


  • Diane Levesque No one should have to go through what Sacha has been through for the last 10 years.
    After being in prison far away from his family for 20 years and since the age of 19, suffering from bipolar disorder since the age 13 but only diagnosed at the age of 18 in Syracuse N.Y., when he tried to end his own life, he was sitting outside alone one day and slit both his wrists, that was only one of many times he tried to end his own life.

    - Sacha is not a "Threat to the Security of Canada and it's Citizen's" as claimed by his own Canadian Government.

    - Sacha is treated as if he was a terrorist / gang member or someone with connections to organized crime. Sacha is being Denied to return back to Canada to finish the rest of his sentence.

    Before January 31, 2004 (time of Sacha's arrest in Florida)
    - This was Sacha's First Offence
    - Sacha did not even parking ticket in his name
    - Sacha had never been arrested
    - Sacha was suffering from Bipolar Disorder (he had started taking Bipolar Medication 10 days before his arrest)

    - He went out one night, while visiting his mother living in Islamorada, Florida Keys in 2004 and has never returned home, only 19,"A Young Man Who Is A Threat To No One But To Himself" is Arrested and Charged with Aggravated Assault, Ends Up In A Trial (6 jurors) and is Convicted of 4 Counts of 2nd Degree Attempted Murder. No one was hurt that night, No Shots were fired either.
    - Sacha had a blood alcohol level of .223 (3X limit) and the all the Staff members from the bar that appeared in court stated under oath "That No One served him alcohol during the couple of hours that he was inside sitting at a table, after paying his cover charge to enter. As I mentioned
    - Sacha was 19 years old at the time of his arrest, in Florida the legal age is 21.
    - The only ID that Sacha had on his person was his Canadian Passport, passports don't lie. Sacha was 19 years old and yet he paid his cover charge to enter, the doorman stamped the top of his hand to show that he had paid. The doorman was aware that Sacha was UNDER AGE. This bar was well known for letting under age kids inside the bar.
    - No one served Sacha alcohol according to the Staff yet at the time of his arrest he had 3X the limit..... (if they said that they did serve him alcohol the bar would have lost their liquor licence)
    - The Victims and Witnesses were the staff members only.
    - There were NO Neutral Witnesses at the Trial,
    - One of the arresting officers appeared in court "Drunk" he could not answer a question from the Judge "How Old was Sacha at the time of his arrest" he answered he was 17 years old (he thought he was not sure) - Wrong answer Sacha was 19)
    - The same arresting officer answered the question "What is the Legal Age to enter a bar serving alcohol in Florida State" he answered "19 years old" - Wrong answer the Legal Age in Florida is 21 years old.
    - All the witnesses/victims staff member stated under oath that there were no patrons inside the bar at the time of the incident because the bar was closing. - They all Lied, there were at least 15 people inside that bar at the time of the incident - One of the Neutral Witnesses that was there, wrote an affidavit stating what Happened that night and was willing to go to court and testified under oath that there were at least 15 people inside the bar that night, most stayed inside waiting to be questioned by the police, NO ONE WAS Ever approached by any member of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office or anyone else in order to take their statement of what happened. This same witness stay inside the bar Sacha was taken by police.
    - The Witnesses/Victims/Staff members said during the trial that an argument with a stripper concerning Sacha not paying for a Special dance that started all the trouble.
    - There were no strippers or dancers at the trial, none, zero. "That was a Lie" the argument was with the bartender (as per a patron witness, that was not questioned by police) The Bartender was arguing with Sacha for something concerning paying a drink that was served to him.
    - If this would have come out in court during the trial, the bar would have lost their liquor Licence.
    - Sacha paid in Cash for his drinks that he was served while inside the bar. - he could not prove that he paid for drinks during the night, no receipt.
    - Sacha came into the bar alone. Sacha did not know anyone in the bar, it was his first time entering that bar or any other bar in Florida. - Sacha had no one with him, he came in alone.
    - Sacha spoke with other patrons during the time he was there, since no one was questioned, - Sacha was on his own and had no one to take his side.
    - The staff knew that he was a tourist, so they made up a story to put all the blame on him without having any defence, Sacha had blacked out and could not recall what happened that night. Sacha could not prove that he was served alcohol, and the doorman let him in when knowing that he was underage.
    - The arresting officer that appeared in front of the Judge "Drunk" had been fired from the Monroe County Sheriff's office 4-5 months before the trial.
    - We are not rich people and cannot afford more lawyers to try and fight with the Canadian Gov. for them to Bring Sacha back home.
    or Lawyers to bring the Bar to court for all of the lies that were said during the trial.

    There is much more concerning Sacha, I cannot write everything. If anyone has specific questions I will answer.

    If anyone can offer any information on how we can deal with all of this, please do not hesitate to contact us through the IPetition

    For all those who are parents, This could be your son.
    I would like to find a TV Station that could go into the Florida prison and interview Sacha one on one as was done by CTV News in Ottawa, Canada in May 2007. I speak to Sacha once a day, a phone interview could be arranged also. The public needs to see and hear Sacha as a person and needs to show the Canadian Gov. that he is not a paper file that is being discarded and put away in archive in a warehouse, they need to see that Sacha is a human being, good man (now 29 years old), who has compassion and is there for those who need help, he has feelings, he misses his family and he deserves a second chance. Sacha Does Not Belong in Prison. TY for reading

    Sacha aimerais donner une entrevue en francais avec un chroniqueur pour la television ou radio. Je parle avec Sacha touts les jours.

    Pour plus d'information s.t.p. me contacter via cette petition.

  • Anonymous Please get him the help he deserves, because everyone deserves a second chance!

  • Robert Belleville It truly unreal how our Canadian Government treats our own. Bring him back home, he was just a kid at the time of his arrest. Not given a second chance, but given the boot, out of sight out of mind.

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  • FACTS: No one was hurt and No Shots were fired. The Police lied in their reports stating that the bar was closed and that there were no witnesses. I have an affidavit from a witness that was in the bar at the time along with 15 others, he was willing to go to court and say that he stayed in the bar for over 10 minutes, the police never approached any of the 16 patrons that were in the bar at the time of the incident. Sacha was served alcohol while under age (19) in Florida the legal age is 21. One of the arresting officers appears in court in a drunken state, and still his report was deemed valid. It was all lies. We hired a Miami lawyer to file Newly Discovered Evidence (the fact that there were more than 16 witnesses and an affidavit from one of them, saying that Sacha Never pulled a gun and he did not enter the bar aiming a gun at anyone). The Judge Garcia who was the same judge from Sacha's Trial, he Refused to hear the witness. The bar was well known as letting underage people inside the bar. Sacha had a .223 blood alcohol level, and during the whole trial, the staff/witness/victims (the only witnesses that appeared in court were staff who were also the so called victims) Sacha's Trial was a lie from the beginning. All of the staff said under oath that "No Alcohol was served to Sacha" Has anyone been to a strip bar and sat there for hours without being harassed/cohersed to buy alcohol or beer?
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