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Bring Recall to Tennessee

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We the ppl of Tennessee have had just about enough of our elected officials not doing the will of the PPl,we have no longer any confidence in such leaders as Alexander,Corker and Haslam.These men have betrayed the public trust by their liberal agenda ex: Islam and Sharia law,caving to all of Obama's requests and in general ripping the teeth out of our ppl.To take our country back we must start somewhere and why not let it be here in TN where 70% of our population at least are willing to stand if an available avenue is found to institute real beneficial change ,we need to remove these hacks from our governing body and put in ntrue conservatives ,get Islam and Sharia out of TN and send a message to Washington that we will not go down quietly .Please share this to all you can and sign this petition so we can get the right to rid ourselves of worthless politicians that are gutting out our teeth.Our government needs to fear us not we fear our Government ,we must stand now and be resolute in our determination to govern ourselves and show them they are no longer in control we are as it should always have been. We will not go silently into the night ppl let them hear us roar !


patriotic and liberty groups throughout TN




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    Jacquelyn Ross United States
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    bristol United States
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    Robert Yetman United States
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