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OZ was a great television drama that aired on HBO from 1997-2003. This show ushered in the era of the cable drama, an era which was ruled by HBO for many years. Even though OZ had its ups and downs, we feel that this classic prison drama deserves another chance. The show was left open ended, let's use that to our advantage. This is a benefit to the fans, obviously, but it is also a benefit for HBO. The cable channel has lost its footing atop the cable drama genre. A major move like bringing OZ back on the air would garner a lot of buzz, attention, and ratings. Tie that in with an increased hunger for all things OZ (DVD's, downloads, merch, etc...), and this is a cash cow waiting to happen. In a time when those who hold all the entertainment power have forgotten the ones who have given them that power, wouldn't it be great to have a corporation that does show it cares for the fans? We, the undersigned fans of the prison drama OZ, would love to see HBO bring the series back to the air. It would not only please us, but also please the suits at HBO who care about their wallets. Now that is the perfect win-win situation. Please bring OZ back to the air. Thank you.



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  • Jenny Wyke I just finished rewatching the entire OZ series for the 5th time. I am addicted! The story line ends with so many questions unanswered. Even Tim McManus says "All I know is that the move is temporary. We'll be back someday." I am signing this petition to hold McManus AND HBO to this promise! I want more OZ and if HBO never intended on bringing it back to us loyal viewers, then they should NEVER have given us the false hope that it will "be back someday."

  • Jacob Dutton BRING OZ BACK!

  • Fabio Probably the best Tv serie ever.
    Not only it tried to give answer to the deepest questions of life and death, but it had a great production too.

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    Steve King

    3 weeks ago Comments: Even if it's only a short revisit, anything would be amazing! Unfortunately, I don't expect it. But I hope and dream that one day we will see this series again in one way or another!
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    raymond monroe monroe

    3 months ago Comments: oz is the absolutely best series from hbo mcmannis said it would be temporarily well were still waiting so much was left undone
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    4 months ago Comments: PLEASE!!!!
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