Bring NBA 2k14 to the Playstation Vita

I'm sure most PS vita owners, have heard that there will not be a NBA 2k14 for the vita this year. Well i say 2k sports should make this game. 2k sports will be releasing a psp version of this game, everybody knows that this will be the same game, that it has been every year. The same game with updated rosters. The vita version of this game could have cross play, and all the game modes ported from the console version, sure it won't visually look as good, as it's console versions. But this game would still look good on the Vita's 5 inch OLED screen. I say let's make this happen. Basketball fans everywhere would rejoice, knowing that the number 1 basketball video game in the world, would now be portable, and you can now take your favorite basketball game with you anywhere. But one person can't make this happen. It's been a year since i created this petition and still no NBA 2k for the ps vita we need to push for this game to make it the vita, so everyone sign and promote this petition, spread the word, we need to do all we can for Sony and 2k to release this game for the vita.




  • Jorge Camarena Make an NBA 2K Game!!!!!!

  • aj rubio Yes i say we need nba 2k on vita.. they say not enough people will buy it.. i think thats wrong.. i believe if ever they make nba 2k on vita first day will be sold out.. so why isnt sony making the game for vita.. imagine online gaming playing other people around the world on your portable vita.. sound fun to me.. take it anywhere u go.. please make the cartridge who ever is in charge of sony.. ill be the first to be in line i dont care how much it is.. come on 2k.. hear us out and make nba 2k fans happy.. thats why we spent money on buying your games.. i dont see the difference u got tennis and mlb.. why not nba because its not gonna sell in japan.. well its gonna sell all over the i can tell u that much and you will make millions of dollars in profit.. im no expert but pls put nba on vita...

  • Eli Let's goo

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