Bring Bleach (anime) Back

Bleach is a Japanese Manga/Anime. To some, a show like this being canceled isn't anything at all. But to Bleach fans everywhere, it is a devistating piece of news. Bleach deserves to have a proper ending, finishing just like the manga. To cut it off an arc early is disrespectuful to the Series and the Fans. Sign this petition if you want to show Japan that we will NOT take this sitting down. Show your support for one-of-the-best Mangas/Animes ever!



  • Jon End Bleach properly out of respect to the creator and fans

  • Keldrick Brown Please bring the anime back it was apart of my life for years y have it reachso many episodes and just end it thats a big middle finger to the fans faces bleach is one of the most popular anime of all time and its crazy to just end it theres no doubt in my mind that the anime would be every bit as popular as it was b4 it got the axe

  • bleachfan4life they seriously need to bring bleach back. what would be really awesome is if they did a reboot.

    Like start from episode 1 with improved character designs, and no fillers.

    that would also give the manga plenty of time to finish.

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