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Bring back the Hotpoint Supermatic Twintub washing machine

Mathew Jackson
Mathew Jackson York, England
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Hi there and welcome to my petition...which I hope you will sign and support.

As the title suggest this a petition to make Hotpoint sit up and realise that one of the worst decisions they ever made was to halt production of their Supermatic range of Twintub washing machines.

As a life long user of these machines (I'm only 28) I can tell you now that they are not outdated and in fact can fit into modern life style.

Most of us these days when buying a washing machine look for cost, energy efficiency, load size, spin speed and finally looks.

Most people, Hotpoint included, are of the opinion that a Twintub is not energy efficient on use of electricity and water. From my own research and experience I can honestly tell you that is not true.

On my standard electric tariff and standard metered water tariff, my Hotpoint Supermatic Deluxe 9410W uses only 5p per hour (including heating up the water to 95'c) and takes me no more than 3.5 hours to wash/spin/rinse/spin 8 7kg loads of laundry.

Compare this to my AAA rated Automatic washing machine (as a standby incase of dire emergency). On the same tariff as the Twintub, this machine costs 17p per hour on a 30'c quick wash, rising to 29p per hour for a 95'c wash (bedding/towels). And wash cycle times are between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending on what's being washed.

With the Hotpoint Supermatic Twintub, the maximum wash time is 12 minutes (more than sufficient to remove most stains without further treatment), plus 2x 2300rmp, plus 1x 3 minute auto spinrinse cycle = 25 mins.

One final and important advantage in today's energy efficient conscious world is the high spin speed. Today's modern automatic washing machines have a spin rmp no higher than 1600 rmp. And if you have no outside washing line or its a wet day, clothes take a long time to dry on radiators or in the tumble dryer (costing you ££££'s in electric. The spin dryer on a Hotpoint Supermatic has 2300 rmp, and I can honestly tell you that thick jeans and heavy bath towels come out almost dry after a maximum 5 minute spin.

I don't posses a tumble dryer and have no central heating (just costly electric wall heaters that are rarely on unless in the depth of winter it really gets freezing cold), and no garden to hang out washing. So it all has to be dried indoors on hangers and airers, and again I can say that I can have 90% of it dry enough to iron or put away in 6 hours.

Well I hope that I have not sent you to sleep with all this information, and hope that it has opened your eyes a little to the advantages of a Hotpoint Supermatic Twintub washing machine.

Thank you for your support in this :-)



May 24
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  • Anonymous
    Nov 24, 2016
    Nov 24, 2016
    We should also have a concurrent petition for the Hoovermatic as well, as both machines were superb and put modern automatics to shame. The problem is nobody these days wants to stand over a twin tub or wrestle it out from a cupboard to use it.
  • Amanda Alexander
    Amanda Alexander United Kingdom, Coatbridge
    Nov 09, 2016
    Nov 09, 2016
    I want one now. I am looking for a second hand one still looking.
  • Jane
    Jane United Kingdom, Portsmouth
    Nov 06, 2016
    Nov 06, 2016
    I had a twin tub before, and my washing came out sparkling clean. I would even boil up my son's cotton nappies, saving on the expense of buying disposable nappies and better for the environment. I have not had any luck with the front loading machines,; the Dyson washing machine I had was useless and my expensive Samsung Eco bubble machine did not live up to its name, with a very noisy spin, long cycles and not very clean washes.
  • Richard Millar
    Richard Millar United Kingdom, Ballymena
    Oct 19, 2016
    Oct 19, 2016
    Yes I have one in the garage - bring them back
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