Bring Back Psychic Tia (Tia Belle) For Season 2!

This is a petition to be presented to bring back Tia Belle's Psychic Tia - For a Second Successful Season on television! All of us loved watching all of the episodes in which Tia presented her gift, talent, beauty and personality for the world to catch a glimpse inside her gifts!


  • Mariella Please bring this great show back! It just needs to be promoted correctly and everyone will watch it.

  • Anonymous Here's the truth about what kind of person really is. My BEST FRIEND really admired Tia. My best friend was on four medications she didn't need because she was diagnosed as having 'mental issues' when she was actually very ill with four vitamin deficiencies which affected her psychologically. It was a hard time in her life. She LOVED Tia's show and Tia as a person. She added her on Facebook, not on a fan page, but on Tia's OFFICIAL actual non-show based Facebook, Tia Belle. Some outrage sparked about gay rights on the page. People started bullying gay rights, people started bullying those that believed in gay rights, etc. My friend, who was depressed at the time and having severe psychological side effects from medication, was hit hard because she was bullied HER WHOLE LIFE. She stood up to the bullies. She got up in the bullies faces and told them to stop bullying homosexuals and she gave the bullies a piece of her mind. Not only did Tia NOT call out the bullies and not say something like "Stop bullying the gays!!!", she CUSSED at my best friend. Yes, she CUSSED at her. She said "Who the F____ do you think you are? DELETED" and she cussed at her and deleted her off her friends list, and, my best friend literally cried for hours because this depressed her tremendously, to be CUSSED at, bullied, and PUBLICLY HUMILIATED on her IDOL'S Facebook page. THAT is the type of person Tia REALLY is.

  • Hector Torres Bring her back - she's the best.

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    1 month ago Comments: Please bring this great show back! It just needs to be promoted correctly and everyone will watch it.
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    Hector Torres

    2 months ago Comments: Bring her back - she's the best.
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    Yuvicela Guerra

    2 months ago Comments: I love the information she gives people
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