Bring Back Professor Layton! [Worldwide]

Back in 2008 a puzzle solving gentleman and his apprentice number one set out to solve puzzles and save the world from eminent doom, now it's time all the ladies and true gentlemen of the world get their stylus and fight for the series! We're fighting for another trilogy and film at the very least! Share this petition where ever and whenever you can and you can be sure once we reach our target we'll confront Level-5 in person to resurrect this classic series!


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  • ❤❤❤BunHead Dancer❤❤❤ The can't stop the Professor Layton series!!!!! It's way to popular!!!! All of the fans have dedicated so much time to the games. Don't cancel Professor Layton!!!!! #SaveLayton

  • Konarika Don't they dare finishing the series! THEY ARE AMAZING and my ONLY REASON TO LIVE *cry*

  • Professor Layton Lover They can't do that, Luke had a mystery that we needed to solve at the end of the Unwound Future, so they can't stop it yet!

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    Matthew Kang

    5 hours ago Comments: please make another game this game means so much to me.
    Favorite Professor Layton Game?: Lost/Unwound Future
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    Gabriel Fargher, Australia

    7 hours ago Comments: I have loved the layton games from 2008 up until now. You need to make more otherwise you will disappoint all the fans. The professor layton games are up amongst the best games i have never played. We don't even know what happened to Descole after asran legacy or anything about Stachenscarfen. I would love to see a new trilogy where Luke is a bit older and meets back up with the professor. PLEASE LEVEL-5! BRING BACK LAYTON!!!
    Favorite Professor Layton Game?: Azran Legacy
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    Ari Bermudes

    8 hours ago Comments: -
    Favorite Professor Layton Game?: -
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  • REACHED 1,500 SIGNATURES September 16, 2014 10:48 PM! Thank you for signing and sharing, keep it up as we continue to fight for more Professor Layton!
  • REACHED 1,000 SIGNATURES April 18, 2014 1:06 PM! Thank you for signing and sharing, keep it up as we continue to fight for more Professor Layton!