Bring Back JB

JB brings something to the morning show that cannot be replaced. His sense of humor and perspective brighten every conversation; without him there is no JB & Sandy Morning Show. The decision not to renew his contract is a terrible one, and we listeners (old and new) are extremely unhappy about it. You can still make this right. Bring back JB!


  • Laura Slayton This petition and all of the social network outpouring is not even a fraction of the people who are stunned and heartbroken at the news that JB is not coming back because of this business decision. Your mathematical calculations are so far off-- if you are trying to make a wise business decision. The outcome will be disastrous-- because you have broken something that can't be fixed. There is no bandaid unless you keep JB and Sandy together for Austin listeners.

  • Gina Sinnard JB is the only one on the show who knows anything about music.

  • Breda Arambula JB and Sandy are like family to the entire Austin community. I have listened to them since day one on the station. The morning show will not recover from this loss. Please keep JB on the show!

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    Kay Revetta, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Please fix this. The Morning Show in not the same and not in a good way.
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    rebecca broadwater, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I can not beleive that this radio station did this, I refuse to listen to the station now @ all and I have been a listner for 18 years! Did any one think to ask the people of austin, if the show declined it was when the radio station thought it was a good idea to move them to dallas...and to do it during bikes for kids and christmas was awhul..I hope this radio station folds.
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    Tammy Bass , United States

    1 year ago Comments: -
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