Bring Back "Bring Back Phil Fish"!

We need to convince Dan "Playdor" Khan to give us the opportunity to bring back Phil Fish!


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    Nicolas Powers, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: (My other petition sent by accident) I wish I could apologize more for the gaming community. No one can possibly understand what it is like to go through the kind of stress Phil Fish did with Fez and it's development. To put yourself into something so openly and make yourself vulnerable while people, who don't even know you, spit vitriolic comments simply because and with seemingly no understanding can really change you as a person. Stress turns us into something we're not, even though we don't want to be. The fact that we are seeing a community of gamers who can't connect with the developer who put their heart and soul into a game worries me for the future of game design. Do we expect developers to be rolemodels? Who made it there job? They are people, put into a spotlight and examined even if they didn't ask us to. How much are we supposed to expect from someone in that position? I recently learned to do that in front of a room full of people, there's no way I could handle that in front of a massive, faceless, and uncaring crowd. Can a gamer expect anything out of developers? It seems that we certainly expect them to make us games, while somehow managing the large scale complaining that went on as people waited impatiently for Fez to be released. Please Phil, come back to doing what you love. For the sake of doing what you love. People speak on the internet nowadays to try and feel a part of what it is they wish they were an intrinsic part of. I know, I feel that it is true, that it can never measure up to the feeling of knowing someone as a friend outside of the world wide web. You must have a story, with sad parts to make us cry or give a rueful smile and happy parts to make us laugh or jump for joy. You are human, we are all human. Even though the cruel seem to be so overwhelmingly vocal, just remember that the appreciative are always there, even if they're silent. You gave to the world an experience I have not felt since I was little and everything was new and incredible. No rude comments can take that away. Thank you Phil Fish. Please come back. I mean, if you want. No angry voice in the faceless internet crowd can truly force you. (Sorry for the all over the place rant)
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    Nicolas Powers, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: I recently saw Indie Game The Movie. I wish I could apologise for all the cruel and unthinking ways inwhichpeople, in th
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    Phil Cod, Mexico

    2 years ago Comments: 3D is a gimmick! -Phil fish,2013
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