Bravo TV Please Fire The Giudices

In light of the recent guilty pleas by Teresa and Joe Giudice, we, the public, ask that you sever your relationship with these admittedly guilty felons. Teresa and Joe have committed crimes of moral turpitude. These are not victimless crimes. People have been harmed by the Giudice's flagrant disregard for the law. Bravo TV should not promote criminal behavior by continuing to employ felons. Any continued association between the Giudices and Bravo could be construed as endorsing and condoning criminal activity. This would only serve to further cause harm to the many people already impacted by the Giudice's fraudulent activity. Continuing to employ them is also a slap in the face to all your honest, decent hardworking viewers. Therefore, we respectfully request you sever all ties with the Giudices.


  • M Thomas Fire the criminals already!!

  • Anonymous Bravo, why are you paying for criminal behavior.. I am out raged!

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