Save the Builds! Petition against the extreme Nerfs!

For the English Community: This update will nerf the Srams, Enu\'s, Sadida\'s and Xelors the most. This text is mostly from a Sadida\'s point of view. However this petition is about Ankama destroying our builds in an arrogant and questioning way. For those who do not yet know this. Ankama Studio is going to nerf the Sadida\'s Bramble. The main attack of any Sadida build. 98% of the Sadida\'s are based on this attack and have spend hours and hours and millions of kamas on getting their build to effective work with the bramble. But now our baby is under threat!. For many years the Sadida has gone through Ankama Studio untouched by nerfs. First it was the Eni, we did not do anything. Many people left DOFUS as a result or had to spend hundreds of hours correcting their build to enjoy the game again. Now the same thing is happening to our Sadida\'s. But this is not only about our Sadida\'s it about Ankama Studio changing things as they please what they dislike personally about the different classes in DOFUS. It is not about our build wich we all work so hard on. It is about their "vision" and not about our ingame characters or the hours we wasted on making them. I never seen any worthwile MMORPG change their classes so extremely that most people or forced to start a new character or leave the game. There for we must fight! Not only for our Brambles! But also for everybody who has put alot of their time and money into their characters! Now it is the Sadida,Sram,Enu and Xelor and in the future it might be YOUR class who will get the mega nerf!. Please support this petition so that in the future Ankama Studio will take in mind our builds, our characters, our time and work we\'ve put into it and NOT just throw it all away. For the French Community: Pour ceux qui ne savent pas encore ceci. Le studio d\'Ankama va au nerf la m




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    Erik, United States

    7 years ago Comments: stubborn ankama studio always taking away the great things of there games if they have any they are killing the future of dofus right here
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    brahimi illyes, Latvia

    8 years ago Comments: erg
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    Cuneidee, Morocco

    8 years ago Comments: Stop your fuckin nerf -.-"
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