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The epic failure of Warhammer Online in Europe is making history. After 3 days from the announced launch of the game Open Beta, hundred of thousands of European paying customers do not have access to their accounts. Even worse, customers are still being lied to, abused, insulted, and shafted. The responsibility for this must attributed to GOA, which is the company that is in charge of the European version of the game. However, the people at Mythic Entertainment, producers of the game and GOA's employers, are not taking any action in order to fix this huge disaster. On the contrary, Mythic itself attacked European customers for their "foul behaviour". The truth is that Mythic must be held as responsible as GOA for this failure as well as for how paying customers have and are still being treated. I propose a total boycott of Mythic Entertainment products. Only by hitting them in their wallet, can we earn their respect and a better treatment.


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    Udick, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Dicks
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    Tobbie, Sweden

    6 years ago Comments: I can understand that a beta fails and that a company makes the wrong decisions. But then you also need to do something about it and don't put the blame on the customers for use of foul words. That is not the proper way for a company to handle negative feedback. I mean, they can just filter out the worst comments, cause we all know that this exists on the net. Learn a lesson from the trend among the players would be a wise thing to do cause I think MMO players are starting to get tired of being shafted by money hungry producers hyping the game into failure. Did not expect another failure so soon after AOC though...
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    GobWhopper, Netherlands

    6 years ago Comments: Mythic and GOA went to far with their utter lies!
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