How to shut up Hollywood

My basic cause is to use Consumer status to shut up opiniated, uninformed Hollywood so-called elites. I do not believe an actor or actress has some classified information that the general public cannot watch on the news. They are using their celebrity status to push the liberal agenda. I am formally boycotting Wal-Mart. inc., BlockBuster video, Tower Records, Media Play, and FYE until they remove movies starring Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Edward Norton, Spike Lee, Janine Garofalo, George Clooney or Sean Penn from their shelves. I urge the public to use our power as buyers to push these hollywood liberals out of the public eye. I refuse to support any company that supports them or their cause.


My name is Tom, I am a 23 year old salesman and college student,who is just fed up.


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    Nathan Parkerson

    6 months ago State: Arkansas
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    Gary Seal, United States

    3 years ago State: Louisiana
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    David Owens, United States

    8 years ago State: OH
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    Comments: It's funny, we decide to boycott and we're accused of McCarthyism. I call it exercising our right to freely associate with people we are comfortable with. It's unfortunate that people like Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Rosie, Joy Behar, and other arrogant media stars take a megolamaniacal view on a subject and act like their word is truth. I instituted a boycott within my own home and have dumped a lot of dvd's, cd's, and blocked television shows based on the idiotic ramblings of the media darlings. Exercise your rights, your freedom of association, and join the boycott and tell these overpaid, out of touch with reality, snobs that we're tired of their sanctimony and self righteousness.
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