Boycott of Clairton Municipal Authority Rate Hike

We, the Citizens of Clairton, Pa intend to boycott the recent rate hike imposed by the Clairton Municipal Authority. We were told in 2012 that the increase would be to $35 for a flat fee and it wouldn't exceed $45 in 2014. Recently we were informed that fee would now be $50 per month. This is in direct conflict with their original letter.We have also been informed that Clairton is the only community that has incurred this expense. The reason is that the CMA is expanding to accomodate other communities waste water and they are putting the cost directly on the citizens of Clairton. We will not stand for this blatant disregard for the Citizens and increased hardships created so a Company can increase their profits.We are calling for an IMMEDIATE reduction in our cost. We are DEMANDING that the current rate of $25 flat rate and $8 per 1000 gallons remain in affect until further investigations can be conducted to verify the validity of this increase. We are also demanding that the money you pay the City every year from the sale of the sewage system be directly applied to the citizens of Clairton sewage bills.


  • Mark Anthony This sewage bill is RIDICULOUS! It's my most expensive bill! It's more than my house insurance, car insurance, phone bill, internet bill, cable bill, budget gas bill, water bill, and light bill! This is crazy!

  • Mary Bodnar This sewage Bill is causing a great hardship for me/others. Over the past few monts my monthly sewage consumption is between $18-$25/ month. Which should of only been approx $120.00 for the 6 months. But with the extra charges I have paid well over $500. This is QUADRUPLE my usage cost.
    Because of this outrageous bill, I had to cancell my cell phone, skip trips to the grocery store, and pass on buying my child new winter cloths, since her old cloths were outgrown. I can't afford food for my dog.
    Since the bill is so high, I frequently can not send the full amount in, which leads to shut off notices. My last notice came directly at Christmas. I had to pay an unwarranted sewage bill instead of buying Christmas gifts for my daughter and new nephew.
    There is no godly reason to have to pay $75 dollars for using $23 of sewage!
    This is nothing short of corruption on the part of Clairton officials. It is affecting the whole community, causing an already depressed town to sink further into debt/depression. More Buisnesses are going to be closing down. Residents are already living on shoe-string budgets and this corruption is going to make this city a bigger ghost town than it already is.
    To take more hard earned money out of our residents pockets is going to lead to nothing but trouble. Wether it be higher crime or causing residents to relocate.
    I strongly encourage other Clairton residents to follow my lead and express their outrage at this corruption.

  • Anne Brown this is something I can't afford

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