US Troops to Secure Our Borders

We petition our national elected leaders to make better use of American troops by removing them out of countries that do not support American interests and have them better serve to make our borders secure. We understand the need for legal immigration especially from those that bring a skill or trade and make responsible life choices. Also a guest-worker program would prove beneficial in differentiating between those that wish to contribute for a better life and those that simply want to abuse our social programs. Placing the military on our borders would help deter those that wish us harm as well as those that would drain our resources for things like healthcare and education. By better preventing an influx of illegal immigration, the American people are better protected from acts of violence, terrorism and drug trafficking. Further, increasing border security would slow down and possibly halt the continuing decay of our economic structure by keeping out those that seem to think our wealth is supplied by a golden goose. We fear over-crowding of our schools and roads, longer waiting periods to see a doctor or dentist and depletion of safety and sovereignty among other things related to the presence of numerous illegal immigrants. We basically request of the people in power of this country to put American lives and interests ahead of votes.


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    Mark Russell, Argentina

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    Cliff Treadway, United States

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    Denise Emmons-Krasnosky, United States

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    Comments: I am not against immigration myself, for some of my decendents were immigrants, but the talked about number of illegal immigrants is alarming, as are some of the statistics that go along with it. We do need to toughen our efforts to prevent people from immigrating illegally, and taking advantage of a system that is primarily there for "legal" immigrants - many of whom do not qualify for services. Although I am unsure of my stance on the need to utilize our troops as enforcers, it may actually prove beneficial provide employment after the war effort, and add additional enforcement to measures already in place. No matter how we look at it something does need to be done and this may help to fill that need.
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