Black Ops Broke my PS3

If you have Ylod, corrupt HD, or disc read errors from Playing Black Ops, or if your Ps3 has stopped functioning properly after playing Black Ops for PS3. Please add your name to the list of people having this problem.



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    Brady Amerson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I haven't had issues with game freeze since Skyrim and have played several games without it freezing until I popped in Black Ops 2. Within ten minutes of first game play it froze and I had to do a hard reset. Started it up again and ten minutes later it froze again. I did another hard reset and now it does not read Blu Ray Disks at all. Received error code 80010514 Blu Ray cannot read disc. First measure I took was cleaning the Blu Ray lens following this tutorial: - then I did a system restore and put in a different game which worked fine, so I put BO2 back in and it freezes again and the PS3 no longer can read Blu Ray Disks. I had read this article: I reformatted my HD and did a system restore as this article suggested. It did not work and the PS3 will not recognize Blu Ray disks, DVD works fine. Looks like my next step is having to shell out $180 to have Sony fix it. Sony just send the bill to Activision. I did not consider BO2 to be the cause of this until accidently stumbling upon several threads and blogs. A disk hang or frozen disc definitely ruins the lens of the Blu Ray reader. After doing a little research in various threads and blogs it seems to be a wide spread problem that's occurring. I wonder how many have had the same issue and never thought to contribute the fault to Black Ops 2. I bet there are several out there that are not even aware it was the game that messed their PS3 up.
    Did your PS3 break after playing Black Ops?: Laser won't read disc's
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    Taylor Cuming, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Froze a bunch while playing Zombies, After resetting for the 10th time my ps3 won't read games any more, i have done a full restore and this has solved nothing except deleting my game saves. Thx Treyarch.
    Did your PS3 break after playing Black Ops?: Laser won't read disc's
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    Jesse Boyle, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Never had any problems with my system. Black ops 2 gets played and it freezes again and again now it wont read any disks its broke and am not gonna buy a new 1 your gonna or fix it this is bs
    Did your PS3 break after playing Black Ops?: Laser won't read disc's
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