Booting Autumn Rain from Moderator Rank

i\'m fighting back. i\'m sick and tired of all these mods that just go around banning and booting people just because they feel like it and without warning. I got told by a moderator that i broke some rules with a .do you care. section on my page. the grounds for booting and banning are here;; Click. Read them over and make sure you have them kept safe somewhere so that you can read them over again later when a moderator bans you. Then you can fight against them. there are too many moderators that don\'t know what they\'re doing on Horseland or are just power players. They use their power to bully other players around without care if they actually did anything wrong. I\'m sick and tired of it. This is the email I sent to HorseLand completely explaining the situation;; Okay, I was chatting on b3 and Autumn Rain booted me, without warning, and started yelling at me through messages (yelling = all caps) about how a section of my page needed to be removed and that this was my 2nd warning. And that if I did not remove the section that I would be banned without further notice. I was never warned and said so. She claimed that a different moderator had warned me the first time. No such thing happened. And even if it had, why hadn\'t the other moderator threatened to ban me or given me a second warning In any matter, Autumn Rain then blocked me from sending messages to her. I couldn\'t even ask her why the section of my page had to be removed, it had nothing that merrits a warning or banning according to the \"Moderator Rules\" on her very own page. I made a second account in an attempt to contact her and sort this matter out, asking what exactly was wrong so I could remove that specific word or sentence or what have you, and she proceeded to not answer and block that account as well. I feel that, as a moderator, this was an extremely immature act on her behalf. And that I was unjustly banned without evidence to merrit a banning. I would appreciate it if Autumn Rain were to be given a warning. I am also working on a petition to have her Moderator rank taken from her by you. She has banned/warned/booted many players for no apparent reason, and when asked responds by blocking the player or warning them again. She gives no evidence and she does not tell any player what exactly they have done wrong. How can we fix a problem if we don\'t know what the problem is I ask you to read this carefully, thoughtfully, and with an open mind. As a player, I\'d like to be able to come online and chat with my friends, breed and train horses, without wondering if I\'m going to be harassed by a moderator. Ban code; ab2461017 Please, unban my account. I have no reasons for the banning, no explanation because I have absolutely no idea what was wrong with my page. Thank you for your time. (Please include a copy of this email in any replies. Thanks.) -Danny Player #2461017



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    8 years ago Player #: 3083227
    Comments: I didnt know my cousine got banned of horseland from my pc. then when I tried login into my account it said to reset my page, meaning I was banned. They didnt even warned me or anything saying that some one had been banned from my pc , so my accounts atomatically got blocked. I got banned then I messeged horseland giving them an explenation, and this is all they sai (sorry we cannot unbanned you). I just want my accounts back.
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    8 years ago Player #: 4000851
    Comments: I HATE MODS!!!!!
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    8 years ago Player #: 3878389
    Comments: I agree Autum Rain message me saying that this is my last warning and i dont even know what i did wrong and then i was banned and its been 4 days and i cant get on any of my accounts this is sooo not fair we need to put an end to this
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