Bolt\'s age discrimination. This needs to be stopped

I have recieved a couple of notes from bolt staff on this. The think they can reserve the right to have an age limit but its wrong. here are the notes that were sent. paLmtreeundOne 21/F/US Nov 07 2004 11:18AM Unfortunately, members over the age of 28 cannot receive any feature badges on Bolt. Apologies. paLmtreeundOne boltstaff paLmtreeundOne Subject: RE: RE: RE: hey paLmtreeundOne 21/F/US Nov 07 2004 04:40PM This site is geared toward members 15-24, so if feature badges require pictures of the member they have to be between that age bracket. Feature badges that so not include pictures of the member are only for members 13-28. Bolt is not geared toward people out of that age bracket. As a private company we reserve the right to only feature members of a certain age. paLmtreeundOne boltstaff Do they even care that this is discrimination Its wrong. I would like for everyone to sign this so we can stop bolt from discriminating against age. against the older people of bolt. especially the ones that have been kind and gives out very good advice on subjects to the younger members of bolt. And for non members, you can sign too if you think this is not right at all. Thanks for your support on this matter.






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    Natalie Russell, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Country: UK
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    James Spiker, United States

    9 years ago Comments: I'm 28 years old and I'm a Bolt member under the name shellbeadz. I asked around Bolt and found out to get the MOTD/Member of the Day badge you have to be in the age range of 16 - 26. Now this is not fair at all. How are adults supppossed to meet people online if they can't rely on the clubs and bars. Because to meet people and get lots of attention online, you need a certain amount of badges to get that attention. I mean us older adults - we have families, work, come home, and go online and talk to friends. In the process hope to score at least 1 feature badge such as the MOTD. To get that badge you have to have a clear photo of yourself and a decent profile with no foul language. I have this! But yet I have to be in the age range of 16 - 26. That's age discrimation! They have laws against this! Please put a stop to these feature badges! Even bring back the retired badges as well!
    State: KY
    Country: US
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    Allison Maxwell, United States

    10 years ago
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