BMP-7: Human Trials Now To End Kidney Disease

We urgently ask Stryker, a global leader in medical technology, to seek a fast tract to human trials on human protein BMP-7 to test its potential to effectively treat kidney disease and even regenerate kidneys in humans. Stryker is the exclusive licensee of the signaling human protein BMP-7 since early 2007. Stryker is currently considering conducting a Phase I safety study for systemic delivery (most likely intravenous injection) of BMP-7. This could potentially serve as a platform to allow Stryker to expand into multiple areas such as kidney and liver fibrosis. Let's encourage Stryker to move forward as fast as possible! Sign the petition today!

BMP-7 has been shown in pre-clinical research to have the potential to cure most kidney disease in humans, with the possibility of relieving the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people now on dialysis and millions of others with pre dialysis kidney disease. The potential use of BMP-7 for curing most human kidney disease was first discovered in the late 1990s and was first licensed by Curis, who then licensed to Ortho-Biotech in 2002. 5 years later, Ortho-Biotech returned the license to Curis after having done no human investigations for this amazing protein. Curis then immediately licensed BMP-7 to Stryker in early 2007. Stryker was a logical choice for Curis to transfer the license since Stryker already has an excellent product, approved by the FDA, that incorporates BMP-7 in a paste for use in healing complicated human bone fractures where other standard methods fail. Therefore, BMP-7 is safe and effective for use in humans in at least one form. Unfortunately, use of BMP-7 for treating and curing kidney disease in humans is still in the clinical stage after all these years. An effective treatment for kidney disease, such as what BMP-7 has the potential to do, would make Stryker Billions and save private insurance and the Medicare program 10s of Billions by drastically reducing the need for kidney transplants and dialysis and returning hundreds of thousands to productive and happier lives. Because of this tremendous savings to the government, the FDA could be motivated even more to fast track the development of BMP-7.


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Animal studies for BMP-7 showing potential for regenerating kidneys damaged by progressive kidney disease: Curis: Ortho-Biotec: Stryker: Ortho-Biotec produces Procrit, sales over 1 Billion a year, which is used to effectively treat anemia, a chronic problem in kidney disease patients: BMP-7 approved by FDA for use in healing complicated bone fractures:


  • Heide Baker Here's a link to the news that Mariel Therapeutics has acquired BMP-7 from Stryker. Mariel Therapeutics intends to finally start a trial for kidney disease!

  • Apostolos Karavias for the best to come

  • Tiara Jenkins I have been on dialysis since I was 11 years old. I am now 28. I'm not complaining but I know in my heart one day I will wake up and not need dialysis anymore. This is not all I want out of life but it's top on my list.

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