Remove Blog$hares ban on AXA and PnP

This petition is for the release on the ban that was placed on two of the top players in the Blog$hares game on November 1, 2007 without cause, reason and any type of justification. By signing this petition I agree to the following: 1. I am a Blogshares player. 2. I am disturbed and upset at what I feel is the unfair banning of AXA and PnP and wish to express my support for their return to the game. 3. I am concerned that by this happening without warning to these players that it can happen to any other players and that is not fair. 4. If the bans of AXA and PnP is not lifted, I will make it a point to tell others that there is \"no point\" in paying for the game or even joining. I may post about it on my blog and encourage others to do so. 5. I feel that by the game Admin/BOD banning AXA and PnP without presenting evidence, without warning, cause or justification is misapplication of the TOS and game rules intended only to create an excuse for indefensible actions. 6. I believe rules are applied selectively not equally to all players since others who have done the same things as PnP or AXA have been accused of are still permitted to play the game. 7. If I am a Premium member or if I have been harassed by any players I will state my Premium membership status and I will name those who harassed me below in the comments section NOTE: When signing please add your Blog$hares Nickname and user ID so that the admin of the game will realise just how serious this is. Proposed petition amendment: The following is a planned amendment that will be effective for all signatures dated after 10/06/2007. All the persons that have signed previous to this date have been notified and have been given the option to remove their name if they do not agree with the additions. 8.By signing the petition, you are not agreeing that you like these two players or their play style. You are agreeing that the ban was done without justification in facts. 9.You are agreeing that the ban was wrong to be employed without warning. 10.You are agreeing that the players should have been separated in the banning and handled as individuals and not as a group.


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    PnP, Portugal

    7 years ago Comments: A few months after the bans, we see there wasn't any improvement of the game. We see reindexings taxed, to protect sarabear and her/his gang from loosing in that fiel also... The game is lead by idiots, rural americans and a "parvenu", aka AdamF, a pseudo-police worker in UK. There is no reason to keep attempts to go back to that game: I won't, and forget about e-mailing me about it, or asking for help in other issues: I filtered out most of those players. Let the game end, it's just a listing of dead blogs, and abbusive idiots manipulating the results.
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    Onyx, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Lift the bans. Be fair, don't deny the players hard earned assets. Be honest. Separate AXA's ban and charges from PnP's and present evidence for each player separately. Let the players see the truth for themselves instead of forcing them to accept unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, innuendo and possibly lies. If you can't do these things then you must not have the evidence you claim and must have something foul to hide.
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    PnP, Germany

    7 years ago Comments: Nice ban, it was, in a game full of pornography, with minors playing, with sexual harassment from males and old women, drunkards, drug consumers, and a idiot concept. Jay, as the owner is an asshole, C vanished, Dave sells freebies, his wife sells %&$#", sarabear sells her body for B$, Sage Enterprises grabs kids as "apprentices" in levitation, Datalive Matrixz is selling bad coffee and is a psycho, AdamF is a bot, Jim Wright is the main cheater. Ban again, the game sucks and it has some pedophiles lurking.
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