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I believe that the change to the druid tree form is an unnecessary change that spoils the point of actually making a restoration druid. I for one chose to be a restoration druid because i could shapeshift in to a tree and it was fun.
The only way we now have to increase our armor and healing is to constantly spam tree form every cooldown which will reduce the focus on healing and quite frankily annoy the hell out of me. With the permanant tree of life form we had this boost all the time so long as we stayed in our tree form.
A druid was originally designed to be able to shift in and out of what ever form it chose and be in said form for as long as was required. A bear can still do this, a moonkin can still do this, a cat can still do this so why not the tree. The change is stupid and for me, ruined the whole druid healing fun. Therefore this is a petition to Blizzard to restore the tree form to its original state allowing us druids to use it as and when we please and for as long as we please. If you agree that the tree form should be restored to its original state then please sign this petition. Thankyou.


All these links above are to forum posts in Blizzards own forums stating that the change to tree form is completely rubbish


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    patrick, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Please give me back a permanent tree form!
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    Telur, Sudan

    4 years ago Comments: I rolled a druid cause I liked the tree form. Bring it back :<
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    Starla, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I have to say I am disappointed with the new tree of life model. As a female gamer I feel the new TOL form looks too masculine. I am also against the cooldown on tree of life form.
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