Due to the tragic circumstances of Anna Nicole Smith\'s death - this petition is to bring a request to stop the damaging slander, vicious actions of Larry Birkhead through his malicious attorney, Debra Opri. Anna Nicole Smith would be alive today if it weren\'t for their horrific actions in trying to take her infant baby girl. She would be alive today if she had NOT been harassed by these two people continuously, battered down by the constant litigation, and the fear of losing her beloved infant daughter, right after losing her beloved son, Daniel. Debra Opri & Larry Birkhead, with only greed and Anna Nicole Smith\'s estate in mind, did not respect Anna\'s need for grieving the death of her grown son. They solely pushed forward the stress, harassment, and malicious humiliation of Anna Nicole Smith - without any thought or consciousness of how it would affect her, her innocent daughter, and now her husband, Howard K.Stern. Where has the respect for human dignity, the compassion for human life gone in our society with people like these completely destroying lives For two reasons only: GREED & FAME. STOP LARRY BIRKHEAD AND DEBRA OPRI in the actions to ruin this innocent little girl\'s life even more. This innocent child, loved dearly by her mother and the only father she has known since birth, Howard Stern, does not need the trauma of being ripped out of what is left of her family. She has already lost her mother; do not let this team of two ruin her life anymore than they already have! Sign this petition to put a stop to this team as they churn forward destructively forward. Sign this petition to stop the horrific slander that Debri Opri is continuing to spread about Anna Nicole Smith. Sign this petition to show support to Anna Nicole Smith, her daughter Dannielynn, her son Daniel, and her husband Howard K.Stern. Sign this petition to stop any more lives being ruined.


Sponsors: - All Loving, Committed Mothers

Links - Loss of an Amazing Woman - Disgusting exploitation of an innocent child - Exploitation of her case and Undesirable Client for her personal gain in the Media - How the fathers


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    Laura, United States

    7 years ago Comments: rip Anna and daniel and as for dannilynn may fame be yours but without the troubles that your mom went through
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    Janeen Perutis, United States

    7 years ago
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    liana whyte, United States

    8 years ago Comments: You are the best!!! you are the only one who was able to get him his baby...You went to school to be respected ,ot sleep with someone..........You deserve every penny no wonder he was such an easy mark for savvy anna nicole I love you especially on nancy grace Good luck!!!!
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