Bike Lanes in Halifax, NS

A friend of mine died because a bike accident, and I want bike lanes in Halifax, Please sign this petition.


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    shawna, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: for sure!
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    Amanda Knight, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: This beautiful 4 month old little girl that I hold in my arms everyday, belongs to a young man who lost his life over stupid bike lanes. I live my life miniute after miniute hour after hour, wondering WHY HOW Knowing in my head that Michael Brooker 19 years old never did and never will get to meet his precious angel. He was so excited and he was looking forward to having a child. If you havnt lost a loved one then you dont know how it feels to be me. I wake up in the morning, first thing i see is Michael, Kyra lyn looks like his twin. I just wish they would have done something sooner. I wish there was something that i could have done. I miss him with every breath i take. and wish nothing more then for him to come home. but we all know that will never happen. so for the next however many years, I have to live with the pain, knowing my daughter never new and never will know her father, He was a great guy regardless of what other people think. he was my world. and he always will be . now i can carry that on in our daughter, we all mis u mikey. i love u with all my heart and soul. RIP Baby! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxo I am the mother of Michael Brookers. now 4 month old daughter.Kyra. Because there are no bike lanes, Michael was driving on the sidewalk for safety reasons, being the sweet guy he is, swerved to let someone on the sidewalk pass, not knowing there was a truck coming.Now 9 months have passed since they took him away. they say its supposed to get easier as the days go by.But for me it just seems to be getting harder.everyday more questions evolve.i just wish things could have happened differently. my heart is soo broken and I will be lost forever, because of this tradegy.
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    Ryan Staples, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Bike Lanes in Halifax are LONG overdue!!! I've been personally thinking about getting people to sign a petition, and i'm looking into a rough cost of what it would take to get these bike lanes around the HRM. This petition needs MANY more signatures, i'm emailing this link to everyone i know, and i suggest everyone who has already signed this do the same. I'm truely sorry to hear about the loss, but lets make sure this doesn't continue to happen. I work at Popeyes Supplements on Robie Street in Halifax, and we have a petition in store that people can sign. If each of us do this at our place of work and take all of these signatures together, we'll have a LOT. Good luck to everyone and lets get these bike lanes up and running!!!! Ryan Staples.
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