Petition for removal of ability to punish for team kills in BF2

The ability to team kill punish only gives certain people with no concept of team work some kind of morbid satisfaction of knowing that while they may have not killed the enemy, but they did get back at SOMEONE! Unless someone is acting like a 4 year old child and thinks you stole his seat on the precious Blackhawk, and proceeds to put a bullet in your head because of it, or slices you with a knife because you are not a member of his 3l33t K-rAd crew and \"this chopper is 0wN3d\", there is no real reason to punish for a team kill. Period. Team kills are an accident 99.9% of the time. They provide a method for someone who has made a dumb mistake to somehow get revenge on another player on his team. Team kill punishments do not promote teamwork necessary to succeed in the game. Just a few examples: - Someone running into your tank (either on foot or in a speeding vehicle) while the tank is moving or stationary. - Someone running over your AT mines because they don\'t know how to drive a tank or see the mines labeled with the big red skull and crossbones. - Artillery strikes because someone doesn\'t understand the concept of getting out of the way. EA needs to get rid of team kill punishing. It is the intelligent thing to do.


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    Tim Lawrence, United States

    8 years ago State: MD
    Country: US
    Comments: Agreed. Punish for TK sucks. should be some otherway to get the same results w/o making the common man suffer.
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    dave BOEHMER, Canada

    9 years ago Country: CA
    Comments: punishing for acc or you own stupdity is totaly moronic and show that this person is not a true bf2er!!!!
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    Paul Ramirez, United States

    9 years ago Comments: This needs to be a option for servers to have in a next patch build....the ability to turn this feature on or off.
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