Stop New York City from charging FDNY firefighters for copies of their procedure manuals

Currently the City of New York charges its own firefighters a fee for copies of their own procedure manuals. Although we acknowledge the cost of printed books we believe that the $50 fee charged per year for quarterly copies of updated material on CD is excessive considering that production costs of CD's in bulk can be found at 50 cents per disk. We feel it is in the best interest of all active firefighters and their family's, the FDNY and the City of New York if these disks were provided for free or at least cost to all members of the fire department if they wish a copy. The cost of production of these manuals is paid for by taxpayer money for the purpose of educating our firefighters. A more educated firefighter performs their duties far better and safer then would otherwise. A more educated firefighter is more likely to save lives of civilians and fellow members and is more likely to come home safe to their family. The mortality issue aside, we feel the city is being fiscally short sited when it basically extorts money from those firefighters motivated to learn the job better. How much more money would the city save when a more educated FDNY workforce protects more property and saves more lives. How many fewer lawsuits would the NYC have to payout on? We ask the city to cease this short sited and dangerous policy and provide, for free or cost, full unfettered access to the FDNY manuals.


Fire CAPTAIN NYC (Inkless Learning Systems LLC)

Home page for Fire CAPTAIN NYC - Study App for FDNY Promotion Exams.


  • Danny Beck Why is the job making money at something they should be providing

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