Ban Bess

Ban Bess from Elmolino High School so we can view educational pages that are blocked because it has \"discrimination\" and such.


Students of elmolino High School


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    Amir, Belgium

    2 years ago State: Massachusetts
    Country: Tunisia
    Comments: Thank you Pacifist and Yabutarou,Yes, 右 does look like 古, so that may be possible, but if that were true, then I think they would have wreittn 于山國, not just 于山.Korean dictionaries say that 右 can also mean "west" (서쪽). See . Also, Kim Jeong-ho's maps tell us that he believed Usando to be east of Ulleungdo, which would mean that Ulleungdo would be west of Usando.Anyway, remember that I am just guessing. I do not know for sure.
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    Xaria, Russian Federation

    2 years ago State: Missouri
    Country: Martinique
    Comments: I thought I'd have to read a book for a discvorey like this!
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    Amnesty, France

    3 years ago State: Vermont
    Country: Åland Islands
    Comments: Holy cow, that is the largest pukmipn I have ever seen. Wish I could be there to touch it with my own two fingers! Loving following your blog.I'm down in Vancouver by Portland Kim at MimiC. was thinking we should all get together for some vintage-finds fun.My hub grew up in Auburn we love your town..just a stone's throw away.BEST!Lara
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