Bring Google Fiber to Bergen County, NJ

We are requesting Bergen County Legislators and towns to create the conditions that will allow Google Fiber to deliver High Speed Internet to Bergen County, NJ. Google Fiber delivers 1GB broadband access speeds to it's customers. This is 20 to 60 times faster then the common Cable and Verizon FIOS speeds. They are able to provide this at the same price to customers. The duopoly of FIOS and Cable must come to an end if technical innovation is going to continue. By becoming the first North Eastern community to go live with Google Fiber we will bring positive national attention to our area which will help foster business. Some of these effects are already being enjoyed by Kansas City ( ) Below are several key factors in bringing Google Fiber Internet to New Jersey (taken from the article: ) • First, grant new Internet providers access to power poles, ducts, and cable conduits. Once Google has figured out what it needs to use, "We agree to a fair-market price so we can get up to that space," Lo said (Google). • Second, provide good maps -- not just to locate power poles and conduit channels, but also water mains and gas lines that complicate installations. "We've been surprised how big a problem this is for a lot of our cities," Lo said (Google). • Last, expedite construction permits. "When we build, we are submitting literally tens of thousands of permits. We work closely with the city to expedite that process. These are the things that have been consuming our teams' time," Lo said (Google). Some other related articles concerning the benefits of Google Fiber:



  • Andrew Rendon I don't live in Bergen County but I live near there. If they can seriously do this, I'd be happy because FIOS will compete to try and expand again. It's worth a shot since most of us have to suffer like this

  • Mark Vadeika I can only get 5mb/s down where I live. BRING FIBER TO BERGEN!

  • Jay Mo We need faster internet and you know it

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