Help bring back the "Ben Hur" novelty candy !!

Many folks have been searching for a mint like candy that has since been discontinued. I know it from Pennsylvania, we called them sim-sims. These are not the licorice flavored mint shaped melts, nor are the the small flat breath mint in the foil package. These are unique. They were sold loose, in bulk lots.Sometimes they were still connected together. You could go into a penny candy store and get a pennies worth, or a nickels worth, whatever. They melted in your mouth and were about 1/2 inch square. They left your tongue a green/black color. There are numerous candy sites that have discussions about this elusive candy. Do a Google search for "Ben Hur Candy" and you may stumble upon one. If enough signatures are gathered, I will forward this info to the last known Company who owns the recipe. Perhaps we can convince them there is a market for these, and they will start producing them again.


  • James Fahringer Please bring back this delicious candy. It would be a sure best seller and a unique item. In a very competitive candy market this recipe would offer something really unique that other candy companies could readily reproduce. If the owner's of the recipe cannot make this candy, please sell it to a company that could make it.

  • Debbra Lehr-Minson just please bring them back I'm so sad to her my mother wishing she could buy them again. She loved them!!

  • Fred Czernirjewski I need my Ben Hers.

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    Fred Czernirjewski

    1 week ago Comments: I need my Ben Hers.
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    Megan Hickman

    2 weeks ago Comments: I think one of the greatest gift I could give my mom would be Ben Hur's Candy! They remind her of her Grandmother who carried the anice flavored gray pillow candy in her purse. There is nothing better than being able to remember lost loved ones - even if its just by the smell and taste of an old candy.
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    joyce mccarthy

    2 weeks ago Comments: I a mother of 8 I know my children would all love the sen sen candy beside all us that loved it when growing up
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