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Are you fed up with slow internet? I am. I run my business from home, and also use the internet like many other people – to stay connected, and for entertainment.

I’ve been in touch with Telstra about drop outs and slow speeds. I’ve had a technician visit to test the speed – and yes, it’s slow. In fact, he was surprised we had any connectivity at all!

The issue is infrastructure. Our area of Bells Beach (roughly between Bells Boulevard and Addiscott Road) falls through the cracks. We’re too far from the Torquay exchange (after more than 6 km connectivity drops dramatically). Addiscott Road is serviced by its own Telstra sub-station, which we don't have access to.

Oh, and if you’re thinking the roll out of the NBN (National Broadband Network) will resolve all these issues, don’t count on it. The initial roll-out stops at Bells Boulevard, so we miss out again.

In conversation with various Telstra representatives these were the options offered:

1.     Move (yeah, right!)

2.     Because I have an ABN, switch to a business account which will enable better access – at a much higher cost per month (I have equity issues with this suggestion: it’s okay for me because I have an ABN. What about people in the area who don’t? And why should I pay extra simply because of where I live to receive comparable service?)

3.     Lobby Telstra through various politicians for improved infrastructure.

So I’m opting for Option 3.

Would you like to add your voice?

If so, please fill in your details below by September 24. 

I’ll collate the on- and off-line responses and send our request to the Council and also local State and Federal politicians, as well as Telstra reps. 



Viv McWaters



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    peter brighton, Australia

    3 years ago Comments: 6km from Torquay and 25 km from Geelong. THis is hardley the outback yet its outback service that we receive. Quality infrastructure is within less than a Km of Bells Beach so it should be easy to upgrade Bells Beach.
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    Trevor West, Australia

    3 years ago Comments: I think it is an absolute disgrace that living 6km from Torquay classes us as living in the outback of Australia. We pay top price Council rates and we should expect services equal to those in Torquay. And I was amazed to hear that we will not be be part of the NBN role out in Jan Juc. Surely someone in Council or government has some sort of conscience and will not let us be treated as country hicks. And remember that we vote!!
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    peter mcwaters, Australia

    3 years ago Comments: -

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