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I am writing this petition because I love the shows \"Big Bad Beetleborgs\" and \"Beetleborgs Metallix\". They originally aired on Fox Kids during the years of 1996 through 1998. During that time, they were not only favorite shows of mine, but also favorites of many others.These shows had very good ratings and many good reviews. They were as just as popular as its sister show Power Rangers. While the Power Rangers series followed the same storyline, beetleborgs had a different one each episode. For example, in almost every episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 the rangers would fight a new monster that Rita\'s assistant, Finster, would create and the rangers would foil Rita\'s plot once more, as in Beetleborgs, the storyline came from the comics, and in comics in general, the ending always leaves the reader wanting to purchase the next issue, just as Beetleborgs did. Power Rangers always repeats the same plot in each episode. Today, Power Rangers reruns are aired on Toon Disney\'s programming block, Jetix. I believe that Big Bad Beetleborgs and Beetleborgs Metallix should be aired on Jetix, instead of playing reruns of old Power Rangers episodes. Personally, I am getting tired of looking at Power Rangers. This petition will be mailed to the Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group by August 31, 2005. If you support my efforts to get my favorite television show back on the air, please add your signature below.


My name is Reginald Mills. I am a 13 year old eigth-grader, but I would really love to see my old favorite television shows. I used to have a sort of obsession with Beetleborgs. I had many Beetleborgs toys growing up. My aunt from Texas even sent me toys in the mail that I could not purchase in my hometown.


  • Daniel Van Ness We want this show back in 2016, please!

  • ToonBoy Dan Max Charles as Drew/Blue Stinger/Chromium Gold BeetleBorg, Lane Styles as Jo/Red Striker/Platinum Purple BeetleBorg, Mekai Curtis as Roland/Green Hunter/Titanium Silver BeetleBorg, Elsie Fisher as Katherine/Pink Laser/Shiny Lavender BeetleBorg and Lincoln Melcher as Josh/White Blaster/Blue Aqua BeetleBorg

  • ToonBoy Dan We want a remake, please!

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