Please Bee Friendly, Monmouthshire

I support Monmouthshire County Council’s Proposed Pollinator Policy.

I hope that it will be accepted and implemented as the Council’s policy in time to ensure that the 2014 growing season will be more beneficial for pollinators and biodiversity.

Insect pollination is vital for food production and human livelihoods, and for maintaining the unique ecology of Monmouthshire.

The vast majority of flowering plant species produce seeds only if pollinators move pollen between flowers. Without pollination, many interconnected species and processes functioning within our ecosystem will collapse.

While issues of road safety are paramount, we very much endorse Monmouthshire’s proposal to undertake less road side mowing and increased efforts to maintain biodiversity.

Petition organised by Bees for Development (@beesfordev).


  • James Byrne Wildflower road verges are not only good for pollinators but good for tourism and human wellbeing - as proved by numerous studies - google 'natural England and green infrastructure a

  • Robyn Atwell Me and our family keep bees, great proposal

  • Elizabeth Atwell Brilliant proposal!

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  • A Monmouthshire Council official has described this campaign as the "most supported policy ever".
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