Bats not fair

Plz help save our home from bats. We have been accommodating them in our roof for years and now they taking over our home. Many thanks Fran and Dean Harrison


  • patricia barnfield fran and her family shouldnt have to live like this find the bats a new home of there own

  • Sarah Jenkins its not right something needs to happen

  • Spike Bainbridge I personally know Dean and Fran and fully aware of the despair they and their children go through ,The bats have not only scared the kids having been found in their bedding leaving urine and poo behind them then flying round the room they are breeding in the roof space and now have bat urine running down their bedroom walls that creates an unpleasant odour.But what is worse is the fact that no-one is giving them any help and they would rather see a family move out of their home and live on the street rather than provide bat boxes and repair the holes where they come in and nettingfor the windows as they are not allowed to open them EVEN in the recent hot weather ...Please Sign

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    Mac Grossman

    6 months ago Comments: I hope your house is overrun by bats and scare your children. I hope one of the bats bites you on the butt, Fran Harrison.
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    Miss Dawn brown

    8 months ago Comments: I cant believe that we live with stupid laws to protect animals but not our kids and how any family should have to like this is so unfair .. what happened to an english mans home is there castle .and we hear of so many horrible things happing to children . so let fran and look after there family this is awful
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    8 months ago Comments: good luck with getting it sorted dean
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