We, the undersigned, do hereby petition to silence nuisance barking dogs in the county of Kauai by amending the current Animal Control and Police laws of this said county. A provisional clause should also be implemented into the current "Noise Ordinance", "Disturbing the Peace" and/or "Disorderly Conduct" laws to include an instituted amendment of a just law to make dog owner(s) liable for their pets at all times to include excessive barking when it becomes a public nuisance. A dog that barks constantly is directly disturbing the peace of its surrounding neighbors. Such an infraction should be mediated by Animal Control and/or Peace Officers of the county at a further level as described in further detail below. Kauai Police law currently has zero authority to handle such barking dog complaints. The Police Department currently can only advise of contacting the Animal Control Department for such infractions. These procedures are unequaled in the same sense of a loud stereo or other constant and repetitive noises being produced by a neighbor and therefore need to be ratified. This petition will implement a law that dog owners be liable for their pets behavior at all times as the law states under such Disturbing the Peace doctrines. Circumstantial preludes of evidential conduct of such infractions are to be necessary as in any crime to prove the dog as a habitual offender such as; Contact with the dogs' owner(s) as either written or verbal shall be necessary to prove a fair attempt had been made to arbitrarily reconcile such matters; A documented time line of occurrences shall be made, along with official documents by the appropriate county Animal Control department, along with recorded video and audio of such offenses. This will regulate the authenticity of such complaints and to ease court cases from unnecessary "Due Process of Law" constituents. This is an attempt to change policy among Kauai Animal Control and Kauai Police Law to enforce and recognize the county citizens' civil law rights and peaceful living conditions as determined by the United States Constitution. No person appreciates the sound of a neighbor's dog constantly barking for endless hours while inside or outside their own homes. Understandably, dogs do bark. Yet, there are plenty of alternatives on the market both electronic and otherwise that can help an owner manage their nuisance dog(s) which thus, makes it truly unreasonable and careless to ignore it. Help make peaceful habitability a part of your community. Mahalo for your support



  • Nolan Ahn My neighbor's dog barks incessantly when the owners are absent. They are apologetic but at a loss for a solution. Train, take the dog with them, or get rid of it are the only reasonable options.

  • Robyn Collins I love the dogs but feel the owners are irresponsible!!!!

  • William Peterson We need a law that addresses this issue and is enforceable. It needs to have teeth!

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    Robyn Collins

    2 months ago Comments: I love the dogs but feel the owners are irresponsible!!!!
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    William Peterson

    3 months ago Comments: We need a law that addresses this issue and is enforceable. It needs to have teeth!
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    Lisa Squire

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